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Before Meher Baba came into my life, I was running a guest house in Glastonbury UK. I was also a highly trained alternative therapist working intuitively with healing, colour, crystals, reflexology,etc.
On one of my early visits to Meherabad Plgrim Centre, I came across a set of people who showed disapproval of me and my work. I also learnt that the women mandali were not in favour of my type of healing work, they were worried that I might be removing people's karma that they needed to learn from. This worried me. Had I gone on a wrong track in following my intuition and own inner guidance? I decided that there was only one thing to do and that was to take my problem to Baba. I sat in His Samadhi and told Him about it, I offered Him my work and asked that if He disapproved of it, would He see that it was closed down, it was His to do as He wished with. Relief. I knew He would take care of it in His way as He had with so many other things.


On my return home, I felt that Meher Baba wanted me to remove everything from my theapy room except His pictures, a table, chair and therapy couch. He conveyed that He was taking over my work and that everything should be dedicated to Him. There was one other thing, I was not to charge for my work. I obeyed, and would feel and sense Baba working along with me when I was seeing clients. HE WOULD ASK ME TO MOVE DEEPER INTO HIMSELF TO FIND OUT THE ROOT OF A PARTICULAR PROBLEM AND THIS WOULD INEVITABLY BE IN PAST LIVES.

My education in this respect was beginning.
I learnt how whole families can be connected together by difficulties experienced in their past lives together. Many had played a multitude of roles together across time, and by finding the root, work could begin on clearing the sanskaras. This was Baba's invisible work, while I was busy working in more physical ways.




One of my most important lessons has been to enjoy everything as much as possible with Meher Baba, even the little things like shopping, chores, cooking, all can be brought into His love and to tune into Him whilst doing these tasks involves the divine in our everyday life and duties, uplifting them into something special and beautiful.



My journey with Meher Baba has highlighted the feminine side of myself and of life itself. When He came, I had already been working with my feminine side for many years, but He built on that knowledge and both enhanced and advanced it. I have learnt to value this aspect of myself and to encourage other women to live their feminity to the full. Meher Baba has turned my gaze towards God and by doing this, I feel that a new flow of divine love has been made available to me. I feel and acknowledge that God loves me, that Meher Baba holds my hand and leads me day by day through my life. My mind which I think of as my male side, (and at one time made all the decisions), has had to learn to balance with my heart, my intuition, and to let life flow, not trying to alter it, not thinking too much, but trusting in Meher Baba. My mind tended to want to look ahead and make plans, but my heart wants to enjoy this present moment. My heart takes joy in whatever I am doing, if I let it! The difference is very subtle and hidden behind my minds organising ways. My feminine wisdom, comes to the rescue with its inherent 'knowing' of the right way, of the right action, in the moment. When my mind can be full of what it 'thinks' should be done it is sometimes difficult to by pass that and allow the heart and intuition to speak its wisdom. Quiet times are needed to allow this process to grow, and regular practice.

Most women like to shop, and I am no exception so it was a great delight to me when I felt that Meher Baba wanted me to dress in a feminine, fashionable way, to look good! In this way, He showed me that He is right down on my level. On occasions, I would feel Him shopping with me, and that He wanted me to enjoy this with Him. His loving Presence would, and still does, flow into any and all of my activities and often leaves me astounded at His involvement with such petty interests. I have found Him to be interested in the tiniest details of my life. Nothing is too small for Him.