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The Complete Guide to Light Spirit Essences by Patricia Caswell

This beautiful and sensitive book brings knowledge of the trees, bushes and flowers that grow at Meherabad, home of Avatar Meher Baba. Detailed information on each of the 29 flower essences, the Essence Sprays and Essence Every page is filled with stunning full page photographs of the flowers taken by Peter Caswell. Each essence has its quality, disharmony, affirmation, self process and full description. A preview of the first 4 pages can be seen and downloaded by going to

Basic information on how to use the essences, selecting essences, making essence blends, with clear and helpful examples. There are also explanations of many spiritual concepts under the heading of Spiritual Development. Information about The Aura, God, Soul, Chakras, Karma, Spirituality, Mind, Intuition and the Feminine are also given as well as a section on meditation. The information contained within this book gives some of Meher Baba's teachings as distilled through Patricia. Affirmation Cards

A beautiful set of 29 full colour affirmation cards, 93mm x 76mm. Each card displays a beautiful photo of the flower, and its affirmation and self process. Packaged in an attractive pink box.