Purifying Feminine Consciousness using Intuitive Spiritual Counselling and Light Spirit Essences
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With all of my work I am aware that Avatar Meher Baba is continually present on an inner level guiding me.
During His Advent, Meher Baba initiated changes in human consciousness. In a small way, my work is assisting with the birth and growth within us of a new femininity and a new humanity.

work in an intuitive way looking at all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to perceive 'out of balance' states and disharmonies within that are restricting growth.
I show the way forward to creating balance and harmony.
It is my work to help you to realise and to find the true you.
This is a gentle therapy.

When changes are being made I give on going support.
As disharmonious states are cleared, my work is to assist with the birth and integration of a new consciousness.